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Разкази на доброволци: Erdinç Ülküsever на път из северна България

Erdinç Ülküsever е част от EVS доброволците на BG Бъди активен, които в последните няколко месеца активно обикалят страната и помагат в изграждането на младежки пространства по проекта _Място

**Инициативата _Място се осъществява на територията на България за втора поредна година, с финансовата подкрепа на Coca Cola Foundation. The Spot/_Място е първият по рода си мащабен Placemaking проект в България, който цели активно въвличане на младите хора в създаването на социално пространство за самите тях – даване на възможност и поле за изява на техните таланти, способности и силни страни.

Едно от най-интересните за доброволците на БГ Бъди активен приключения е включването им в проекта _Място, тъй като им предоставя възможност за пътуване из цялата страна и е прекрасна възможност да опознаят България още по-добре.

Публикуваме разказа на Erdinç Ülküsever за работата му в градовете Варна и Видин

Actually, I traveled to Varna many times. I have some friends there. I already knew is Varna so big and touristic city for Bulgaria. When I heard about having spot project I was excited. We had to manage 5 spot project places in Varna. Fortunately, we were very crowded in the spot project area. We started to establish kind of camellia for a place. We also prepared 5 garbages for camellia. We needed many boards for making camellia, For that reason, we carried, cut and polished a lot of palettes. We made the set with tires and fixed them with grounds for other spot project place.

We used shovels and some scythes for that job. I used various work tools in this project. It was a good experience for me. We created a table tennis with some iron fragments and fixed on the ground. The spot project area was started being a social place area anymore. It looked much better than the old one. Thanks to spot project,  I had met a lot of volunteers and local people in Varna. We talked to them about similarities of Turkish and Bulgarian Languages and about some cultures ( kinds of music, serious…). So I was enjoyed in Varna. I am decided will go to Varna again.

I knew that Vidin is a cute city near to Romania. I wondered historical buildings and places in Vidin. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to see them. The Danube River really was incredible. We had a spot project around the old Turkish post. The place was the kind of park so close to Danube River. Park needed some benches. We found wood pieces for making benches and started to paint some iron fragments. Local People also joined us. After that, we cut some board for making the stage in the middle part of a park. Some ladies cleaned to spot project area. For putting stage we had to change the place of a bush. We removed a bush and planted elsewhere. I took various pictures about spot project and around the Danube River. I was lucky in the Vidin. Because same time there were some festivals in Vidin with spot project. I joined them after the spot project. I really had enjoyed times in Vidin. Because our partners were so helpful and hospitable. I made good friends from Vidin. They taught some Bulgarian words to me. I also traveled around the Vidin. I am really glad to went to Vidin.

Erdinç Ülküsever

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